Christmas is getting nearer!!!!


hi everyone

The big day is drawing nearer and nearer and I haven’t done half the gifts yet!!!! oh dear, we are struggling to find things for our children, we call them ‘children’ but being 22 and 25 it gets harder to buy for them.

The cooking is still going, I made some kipfeln last week which my son took into work as if they were left at home I would have eaten my way through them all.  The box came back empty and I made double the amount too.  Next week I have been requested to make the viennese whirls for him to take in busy, busy, busy.

They look messy as they have been coated in icing sugar.  They are an Austrian biscuit made with ground almonds, butter, sugar and flour and that is it.  They melt in the mouth and are very moorish.  We usually make them at christmas time.


Last week my mum made a very big decision, as she hasn’t driven since march when she was ill she has been making excuses as to why she doesn’t want to go in the car, I was going to be a passenger with her for her first time back on the road, but she said to me that she has decided not to drive any more.  Well, we are all relieved as it is getting a nightmare on the roads now and she is now 81 we thought it would be a good idea.  So now my husband and I will be seeing her more so that she can get out and about more, and her neighbour is taking her to a lunch on a Monday where she helps out so that will be nice for my mum to meet other people in her situation.

Some of the dinners I have been making this last week are:

chicken and mushroom stroganoff from the WW recipe book, was very tasty and will be making this one again.

Mushroom and lentil burgers, now these were really nice, I think because there were dried mushrooms in the ingredients which you rehydrate they are a more intense flavour and green lentils are used too which I actually prefer to red as they don’t go so mushy and are a milder taste.  It is a bit fiddly but I do like to cook so a few different things to bring a recipe together doesn’t faze me at all.

Chocolate Marble banana cake which I have made before as my son requested this , as you can see started already, he couldn’t wait for it to get cool I just managed to get it out of the oven before he cut into it.

Found these few things this week, some nice fragrance sticks, they seem to be all the rage at the moment and the ones I have been buying have not been very good but these 2 that I have bought, lavender and cocktail hour are really good and they make the rooms smell wonderful.  The robin cushion I found in the same shop for my mum as she loves things with animals on and I thought this was lovely, the salted caramel and orange hot chocolate my daughter had spotted on the Hotel Chocolat website so had to buy this of course as it contains chocolate, and I had a peek inside the pot and it actually is pieces of chocolate and not powder so result (I wonder what it would taste like if I ate it with a spoon rather than melting it mmmm relish), and the last picture are some sesame moochi with red bean paste which we found in a Japanese supermarket in the Westfield shopping centre for my son.  Now they have already gone.

I was going to wait for my daughter to come back from university before putting up the christmas tree and decorations as we usually do this together but, I really could not wait until this weekend to do this as they all go up at the beginning of december, I was getting twitchy so had to get it done and I have someone guarding the tree (hehe) as long as he doesn’t touch it.  The light up decoration is my newest edition with the polar bear in it.  This is not a lot compared to a friend of mine who has decorated her whole house from top to bottom and it looks fabulous, but I daren’t because of my 2 cats and I don’t think my husband would like to be sleeping among lots of christmas toys!!!!  I do like to have my christmas mice out each year which I got from Whittards with marshmallows in, I hasten to add that they got emptied when I first bought them, mmm.  The big musical globe is from my mum and dad quite a few years ago and I like to get that out too as my dad is no longer with us but he is with us all the time.

I think that is about it, I won’t bore you any more today, there is a lot of things going on here as I have been trying to post for the last 3 days but my computer was not having it with uploading the photos so at last I have been able to do this.

Tomorrow we are going to a lovely Christmas Market at Waddesdon Manor which I have been wanting to do since it opened and seeing as it finishes on Sunday need to get some shopping done there.

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