It’s drawing nearer

hi everyone

Sorry not posted for a few days, I don’t know where the time has gone, before you know it Christmas day will be here and I haven’t wrapped any of the present up yet, oh dear.

Friday evening I was out with my friends for our christmas dinner which was lovely, had to have the traditional roast turkey and christmas pudding.  The first of the year, I feel I cannot order anything else when its near to christmas.  It was very tasty too.

We went over to my best friends for lunch on Saturday who we haven’t seen for a while, we have known each other since primary school so rather a long time.  We don’t see each other enough but as they are working all the time and are busy it does make it difficult but when we do it’s like we haven’t been apart.  As it is near christmas we had to have a glass of sherry, I feel that is the christmas tipple that us old folk have (haha)  I am not saying that I am old I hasten to add, and then followed by a couple glasses of red wine with lunch.  I didn’t want to be rude and refuse, lucky I wasn’t driving.

On Sunday we went to Coventry to collect my daughter and her boyfriend who was coming back for a few days.  He has gone off back home today so just the four of us.  It was lucky we emptied the boot out as it was full to the brim and had some stuff inside with them too.  I did say if she had any washing to bring it back with her, well I have just finished doing her washing today apart from a couple of towels.

Monday we took my mum to a lovely chinese for lunch as she has never been there before, it is called ‘Bang Bang Oriental’.  It was great, basically it is like a food hall you get in a shopping centre with all the small outlets all round the perimeter of the hall, and lots of tables to sit at.  So you go and order your food and get a buzzer when it is ready, you cannot fault it, it was piping hot and tasty and my mum has not stopped praising it ever since which was nice.

Tuesday we went to Bluewater to do some christmas shopping and when we got there had to have a drink and as soon as I saw this place it just dragged me into it, there was lots of chocolate displayed and smell just wafted by me so I floated straight in.   I mean what is a girl to do just walk past?  and their motto Eat, Drink, Love Chocolate it says it all.


We found a lindt shop too, had to go in there and buy some chocolate, there was this big bear at the back of the till and had to ask the assistant if it was made of chocolate and she said it wasn’t, well could you imagine if it was, OMG chocolate heaven.


Yesterday I made some more viennese whirls for my son to take into work and this time I dipped half into chocolate and used a homemade 3 berry jam instead of lemon curd.  They went down very well, and as one of his colleagues is dairy intolerant I made the lemon vegan sponge cake from the Gluckweist blog, a while ago, I have made this a few times and is a hit every time,  I will be making this for christmas as my niece is a vegan and I am sure she will love it.


So as you can see it has been a very busy few days, I am getting weighed tomorrow!!!!! I don’t think I want to know.  Oh well I won’t worry now and will start again in earnest in the new year.


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