A Bit of Peace and Quiet Now

Good evening everyone I feel like I am going to tell a story (haha) ' Now are we sitting comfortably? okay I shall begin. Maybe not.... I was busy today again, this is my volunteering day which went well, I did everything I was supposed to do, but just as I was about to leave … Continue reading A Bit of Peace and Quiet Now


It will be okay tomorrow

Good evening fellow bloggers After this morning, jumping out of bed at 5.30am in a panic because I didn't iron my sons shirts for work and apparently waking everyone up I am now organised.  Disaster averted for the rest of the week, shirts are ironed (yippee) so I will be waking up normal time tomorrow, … Continue reading It will be okay tomorrow

Its Supermarket shopping day with Mum

Hello fellow bloggers I am sitting here trying to think what to put in my blog today.  I know what I have done during the day,  it's just how do I write it down without sounding like 'as my daughter says' writing a text and sounding boring. I read lots of other peoples' blogs and … Continue reading Its Supermarket shopping day with Mum