What is today?


Hello fellow bloggers

Oh yes today is Sunday, a day of doing nothing specific and for my computer to be going very slow, (getting annoyed) I am typing and nothing is coming up on the screen for an age, honestly I thought technology was meant to be getting better.  Oh well never mind

It was a bit of a non-descript day today, we usually go out for a coffee as my husband doesn’t work on Sundays so we went to our local shopping centre.  We get there before the shops open to go to one of the many cafes they have.  We decided to visit Cafe Nero (big mistake) as the kids said that we had a voucher on our phones (we are with O2) so get offers coming up all the time, and this one was for a free coffee if you buy a pastry, nice, (I would have taken the pastry home and let my son take it to work, honestwell so we thought, firstly the girl was really really slow and eventually (lucky I didn’t have a plane to catch) when she got everything done we went to show her the codes and the other girl said their wifi wasn’t working!!!!!! really when she was standing right next to her and heard what we were doing right from the start so we put the pastries back and they gave us the drinks for free anyway so ‘RESULT’ I like getting things for free. (and I had one of my Weight Watchers bars so that was good for me).  I said that I was going to be good after my disaster weigh-in on Friday.

We didn’t buy anything just did some window shopping.

Normally in the afternoon we don’t go out but again, they decided to go out for another coffee, sounds extravagant doesn’t it?, but seeing as we got the morning ones free we thought why not?  this time we went to our local indoor ski slopes, they have a nice cafe there which is packed all the time and we watch all the skiers, as it is on real snow not one of these dry ski slopes so you actually feel you are at a resort.  I was really tempted with all the goodies they had when you queued up at the counter but again, I resisted and had another of my Weight Watchers bars, this time 2 miniature chocolate coconut squares.  You should have seen the food they were bringing out from the kitchens, it looked really nice, burgers and chips, schnitzel and chips and everything with chips (haha).

For our dinner this evening I cooked mexican chicken from my Flex Cookbook, how healthy was that? and I remembered a picture this time, yay me.



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