Going on Holiday

hi everyone

Well it’s been another few weeks of busy busy busy.

My mum is still in hospital after 5 weeks, but I think we are turning the corner in a good way and she will be going to rehab (haha not that sort of rehab!!!) a rehabilitation community hospital to help her get back on her feet at long last.

I have been dashing from my mums house cleaning and tidying with my husband so it looks good for when she goes home and her lovely cat Tiggy will be excited when she does get back, and then going to the hospital taking lots of goodies to tempt my mum to eat properly.  I feel that I should have my own personal parking space for the amount of times we have gone to the hospital.

Anyway, in-between all this dashing about still have to organise meals for us so here is a small selection of what I have been cooking, I will say I have definitely not been following my WW plan at all so at some point I must get back onto it otherwise all my hard work will have gone down the drain and I don’t want that to happen again.

This week also, we have had the stress that my daughter has come down with very severe tonsillitis with a fever so is on 8 penicillin a day for 10 days so can’t come home from uni until she is all clear.

And to top it all this week one of my cats Ruby has been limping quite a bit so we took her to the vets who did an X-ray and have found out she has osteo arthritis in her front elbows, so have been fretting about that.  When we brought her home that evening she was so sleepy she didn’t know what to do with herself bless her.  Thank goodness by today she has returned to her normal self.  Haven’t been able to sleep properly for as long as I can remember with all this happening, I am walking round all dazed at the moment, need a good nights sleep.

This dish is provencal beef from the WW recipes, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the recipe so will have a hunt for it, but I will say this is a lovely dish and in it they thicken the sauce up with pinto beans but I didn’t fancy that so I used a small amount of cornflour and the basis of it is stock and tomatoes and is really delicious as I cooked it nice and low in the oven for just over 2 hours and the meat was very tender so will be making this again.


Another recipe I made was Goan prawn curry from one of my WW cookbooks and this was delicious also, as I can’t have chilli I left it out and I felt it was better because you had all the lovely flavours without too much heat so a winner again, and the boys requested the WW naan bread which I have made on numerous occasions perfect accompaniment.

As it was Shrove Tuesday this week in the March edition of the WW magazine I made Apple and Raisin Dutch baby pancake, I didn’t have the Pink Lady apples so used the Jazz ones, the skins went a bit tough so next time I will try it with bramley apple or peel them instead but very unusual.  I think it is nice to try something different than the traditional ones as this was baked in the oven.

Last Saturday evening my husband and I went with my sister-in-law to a Chinese venue for dinner, it is called Bang Bang Oriental, we have been there before, it is a very large food hall with lots of different eateries round the outside.  The food is great and it gets very busy, I tried a very unusual dessert from one of the stands called Fluffy Fluffy, well its in the name with what the description of the dessert I tried, a very unusual fluffy pancake.  It was extra light and very unusual something I will be having again, but will ask for more maple syrup as there wasn’t enough. Yummy

Well, tomorrow we are off on holiday, my husband and I so looking forward to having a nice break, hopefully.  The weather is looking nice, warm and sunny.  We are off to sunny Spain so I will take lots of pictures to tempt you with.

I have done most of my our packing and I think Topaz has decided he wants to come with us (haha).  Sorry, you can’t come with us.


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