Back to Normal again

hi everyone

Sorry not posted for a few days, again, no excuse but been rather busy.

Last Saturday evening I went out with my husband and children to a lovely Turkish restaurant local to us as it was my husbands birthday was on Monday 21st.  I have been there with my friends already so knew that the food was good.  I don’t think I have come across a bad Turkish restaurant yet and now this one is our favourite, it’s called Opuz.  As it was his birthday very near to going there he got a 3 course meal absolutely free as long as there were 3 full paying guests, so that was very good.  I don’t think I have come across a restaurant offering that, maybe a discount but not that.    We had a lovely platter which I forgot to take a picture before so this one is the after (LOL) as you can see we all polished it off.


For our dessert we went over the road to an ice cream bar called Creams and I had this chocolate chip cookie with gingerbread ice-cream and raspberry sauce, I didn’t realise it was a warm part baked cookie and a massive one at that, although I love really sweet things even I found this rather too much, maybe if I didn’t have dinner beforehand it would have been okay.  You have to try these things.


Last Sunday we took our daughter back to Uni for her last year, she does want to do a Masters but won’t know until May if there are enough Students who will get the grade which is cutting it a bit fine as they would start in October, but at least she has a friend who she can share with so that won’t be a problem so it is now the waiting game.  She has done really well in all her results so far, she has accomplished a 1:2:1 which is brilliant so far.

Now I can get into her bedroom and tidy it up yet again but I had someone who was stopping me for making the bed.  I was trying to get the clean duvet covers on the bed but instead I have just this minute finished it as Topaz made himself comfy for the afternoon so I did the ironing instead.


I have been very naughty with my eating habits since Christmas, yes I know it is a month ago but when something like that comes along and you have a week or so of eating all the good rich foods I find it hard to get back onto the straight and narrow.  What with my husbands birthday and our friends birthday 3 days later and we always get together with them, so last night we had a take out of fish and chips!!!!!!  it was very nice, as my friend is laid up with her operation for her foot so we couldn’t go out.

My scales didn’t like me this morning, it is the worst I have been for a very long time so this has given me a good kick up the backside to get back focused.  So far, today I have been good and have started to point all my food on the WW app.

I made some banana pancakes for my lunch today, which I haven’t had for an age which a drop of chocolate shot on, delicious.


Dinner was teriyaki chicken with giant couscous, I have never had this type of couscous before, always made it for my son but never for me and I will say wasn’t half bad.  I added in vegetables that I fancied and the WW sauce so altogether very low in SPs.

I have been trying to make the healthy dinners this week and made the chicken and mushroom pie from the WW comfort cookbook which is a favourite of ours.

Menus are all sorted this week so will post them as I have cooked them.  I haven’t made any bread this week as we bought some sourdough for the boys and I don’t eat it and I can’t make it as you have to ferment the yeast over a long time, I might give it a go one day but will do some research on it.

The update with my DNA test which I sent off a couple of weeks ago, is now in Minnesota delivered by Fedex, could take 2-4 weeks to get there apparently so still have a while to wait.

4 thoughts on “Back to Normal again

  1. I’ve several recipes planned from the Comfort book this week – chose them all as tried and tested and have all the ingredients to hand 🙂 I reached my 25lb loss yesterday, it’s only taken me 9 months!


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