New year new gadget

hi everyone

I hope you all have recovered from your festivities over the last few weeks, I can’t believe it is already coming into the second week of january!!!!

Anyway, I got weighed on Friday and I gained 4lbs which isn’t as bad as I thought it would so I am trying really hard to get back on track, I haven’t managed 100% yet but slowly slowly.  I have been trying out some new recipes from our new WW cookbook, yes another one, I just can’t resist buying them when they come out.

This cookbook is called ‘Freestyle’, it goes through the different seasons with the produce over the year.  I have just thought that I may have put a couple of these recipes on my previous blog so apologies if I have duplicated.


I have made the chicken and vegetable paella which I will be making again, I have made different sorts but this one used smoked paprika which actually made a nice change and a good choice.


I have made melt in the middle fish cakes which were yummy.  The recipe used salmon and they melted in the middle and didn’t leak out, result.

I whipped up my sweet potato soup the other day, I had a sweet potato which I was pushing from pillar to post so brainwave, soup.


I have made a rainbow vegetable slice which can be eaten hot or cold, I added more vegs and you can basically make up your own choices


The other day I went and bought a kitchen gadget that I have been wanting for many many years and Sunday I have finally got it, a Kitchenaid mixer.  I have had the blender for a few years but needed this to do other things. My pride and joy so excited.

So already I made some bread which I haven’t made for a long while and actually it came out rather good if I say so myself, lets put it this way my son and husband wouldn’t let it get cold and I tried some too, lovely and light, I made a wholemeal recipe and popped in some sunflower and pumpkin seeds, it looks like I have given myself a job to make bread every week now, seeing as I enjoy baking I don’t mind.  Over half has gone already!!!!!


I went to put our christmas tree and decorations away the other day and Topaz decided to have a sit in and declare that they are not to go upstairs.


I know this may sound strange for some people but my daughter bought my mum and myself a very special christmas present, I would never have thought of it, I lost my dad from an operation back in 2003 and the kids were very young at the time.  Well, my lovely daughter got a star named after him, and we have a certificate and co-ordinates where it is which is very special to me.  I went onto the website with the reference number and tapped in the co-ordinates and here it is so whenever I look up into the night sky I know my dad is up there forever.


2 thoughts on “New year new gadget

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment never know what everyone thinks about what I wrote and hope I don’t bore people.😬Everytime a new cookbook comes out I can’t resist and the recipes are so much nicer now,


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