Nearly the end of the year

hi everyone

Well, tomorrow is new years eve!!!!, where has the year gone, I feel it has just flown by but as we get older our lives seem to be getting busier all the time.  I hope you all had a lovely christmas and had lots of lovely food and spent time with all your family and friends, because at this time of year it is a time of getting together with everyone and having fun.

We had 10 people round for christmas lunch and then 13 for dessert so a house full this year, compared to last year which was just the five of us which included my mum.  It was a lovely calm day filled with lots of laughter and good food (if I say so myself) my daughter helps me in the kitchen she does a lovely roast potato, we always make loads because we don’t want to find that we run out as this is very important when we entertain.

The vegs did take a while longer as there was an oven full of different things, lucky the turkey was done in plenty of time and I wrapped it in foil and covered it with 2 large bath towels to keep it nice and warm, snug as a bug in a rug.  I don’t usually have it sitting out for a while but as I keep watching all the cooking shows, Jamie Oliver, Nigella and a whole host of others they all say to take out the turkey and let it rest for at least 1-2 hours!!!! I have always shied away from this but not on this occasion as we had a lot going on.  No one minded that the vegs took a while, they had drink and crisps to keep them going and I did not get flustered either which was a first for me.

We knocked up some sausage rolls for a mid morning nibble when my mum came over as we were eating lunch later too.  Some had already been eaten before I could take the picture!!!!


All went well, food was good, the christmas pudding which I made from the Nigella christmas cookbook came out well too.  We had other goodies for dessert too, my daughter made some snowflake cookie trees, so cute, and I made some mince pies and christmas puddini bon bons which I have to make every year as my husband loves them, again, they are from the Nigella christmas cookbook.


We got so much lovely presents between us, our children think very carefully when they buy us things, had an abundance of chocolate!!!!, last year was alcohol this year loads of chocolate, really unusual ones too, my husband, last year bought me a special collection from a company called ‘the cocoa runners’ and this time he bought me some specialist chocolates which I am going to eat very very slowly as they look too good to eat and I want to savour them.  He always does a lot of investigating different companies before finding the very unusual types.


They are very unusual flavours too so I can’t wait to try them.

One of the presents my son bought my daughter was this, not sure if you have heard of the Aldi advert with Kevin the carrot, well here he is over a metre tall, and I think he has taken the tv remote!!!! (LOL) cheeky monkey.


Since the Friday before christmas I have eaten lots of lovely, bad food and am now feeling very sluggish, as I am not used to eating such rich food but have enjoyed it, you have to go off the rails once in a while and then you look forward to having lots of vegs and fruit.

So, I have started off nice and slow and have bought another new WW cookbook and over this next week onwards will be making some nice recipes from them, this one this evening is chicken and veg paella which normally I use a spice that I have bought from Spain but this version uses just smoked paprika which I can say is really delicious, highly recommend this recipe and will definitely be making again.

I know when I go back to weigh in on Friday that I will have put a lot on but here’s looking ahead at reducing that weight.  WW are making lots of changes so I look forward to trying them all.

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