And so it begins…..

Hi everyone

It is nearly upon us dare I say the C word  ‘Christmas‘, oh dear have to start working out what to buy for my kids and husband,  mmmm that is going to be difficult as both of them don’t have a list this year!!!!.  My daughter had a couple of leggings on there and she had to buy them as hers have holes in so that has gone down the drain.  She did say that she wants to get her hair lightened some more at the ends so that will be her pressie, plus of course some smaller gifts.  With my son, he said ‘surprise me’ that I have left upto my husband to figure out and let me know.

I have started to do some prepping on the baking side ready for the big day.  Last week I have made some more lemon curd as we are running out and seeing as the boys love it can’t have that running out.

I usually sit down and get my christmas cook books out and start going through them to decide what to make so this year I have started to make a few things from my Nigella christmas cookbook, this is one of my favourites.

I always choose the same recipes each year but this time I thought I would try something different, and make the christmas chutney, the picture shows just 2 jars of the chutney and 2 of the lemon curd but I have made quite a few more they are just in the fridge.  Plenty to keep us all going through to the new year.


Yesterday I spent 5 hours steaming my christmas pudding, yes you read it right 5 hours!!!!, the kitchen windows all had condensation on from the steam, but it will be well worth it as I can’t bring myself to buy a ready made one, this is, again a Nigella favourite of mine too and is very tasty.  I had to buy a new pudding bowl as the one which I inherited from my grandmother got a crack in it earlier this year, I was really upset as it was more than 50 years old!!!! and you can’t get this particular size anymore.  They only make the smaller ones, which is no good.  I have been absolutely everywhere to find a decent size pudding bowl, you would think this time of year there would be plenty around, WRONG!!!!! hardly any.  And when I did find one it was tiny.  So in the end I went onto the Amazon website and found this one, slightly more expensive than a china one but it is non-stick and should last a lot longer and was cheaper than the one I saw in one of the cook shops.  So the proof will be in the eating and hopefully it will come out of the bowl in one piece.

It will need another couple of hours on the day too, so a lot of cooking but well worth it when you make it yourself.

I bought myself an advent calendar for the first time ever, I usually buy one for my daughter which I have given to her when we saw her on Saturday and I couldn’t resist this one, they are making so many different sorts this year and very expensive ones too, but could not bring myself to buy one of those so I got this one


Seeing as I like quality street I thought why not? and yes to the right of the picture I have some chocolate decorations to go on the tree and I usually buy my snowman kitchen roll which is sitting behind the calendar.  I always get that, sad I know but there you go.

When my daughter is back for the holidays we are going to attempt making this cookie christmas tree which should be fun.  Haven’t made one before and seeing as only 2 of us eat christmas cake thought these would be more fun.


I have made my red cabbage which is now sitting in containers in the freezer.


Again, this takes a long time to cook, and 5 bottles of red wine later (hiccup) it’s done.  Now I know why it took 5 bottles of wine they should have all gone into the cabbage (hehe).  Only joking.  This is my grandmothers recipe which we have always done so can’t have christmas without it.

On Saturday we visited my daughter at uni, as we haven’t seen her for a while, so I took some chicken fillets for her from our local butchers to stock up and made one of her house mates and friend some spinach and ricotta lasagnes as he does not eat properly and i know he likes these.  So busy, busy, busy.  We went to one of the local pubs for lunch and I chose this unusual combination


Yes, I know, weird right.  Chicken fillet in between waffles and then maple syrup on top, I ate the chicken and chips separately and had the waffles and maple syrup after, couldn’t bring myself to eat them altogether it was rather a lot together.

I have also bought my crackers already, the thing is if I don’t buy them now by the time I make up my mind which ones to go for they would have sold out, so now I am prepared, and I want silver as my china has silver in so want to do some coordinating, just need to find some nice table cloths, the good quality linen paper ones.


Well, that is a start.  Not bad if I say so myself seeing as it is only one month away now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating.


8 thoughts on “And so it begins…..

  1. Chicken and waffles is huge over here! You’re getting Americanized!! I’m surprised Lakeland didn’t have a good selection of pudding basins. I love that shop and the catalogues were my favourite reading! I love Nigella for Christmas too and I think I could probably have a good go at eating all that red cabbage single handed !

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      1. Yes I put red wine in mine too, it really sets it off. Chicken and biscuits is fun too, they’re kind of like a scone but flakier and not sweet. I actually really like them but they send me into a food coma and I sleep all day!

        Liked by 1 person

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