Chocolate Angel cake

hi everyone

I am sorry I have not been posting for a while I have just kept forgetting to post!!!!!.

Well, I have been busy popping over to my mums helping her out with hospital appointments, like one today, although it was at 10am, we arrived there 15 mins earlier like you do just in case, lucky as we got called in to see the nurse to have a few examinations of her right eye.  She had her cataract removed nearly 6 weeks ago now, doesn’t time fly.  Anyway back to today, we thought we were going really well being seen earlier than the allotted time, and then the waiting started, as we had to see the doctor, and we waited and we waited and we waited.  After about just over an hour I went up to find out how it was going as they said the doctor was ‘on time‘ I don’t think so, she had my mums file in her hand what a coincidence.  Anyway, the good news is that my mum has been discharged, yippee another round of appointments that we can tick off the list.

By the time we got out of there it was near lunchtime, even though we thought we would be out in plenty of time for a coffee then back home, no such luck.  So we went out for lunch, yet again, it is really testing me going out, as much as I love going out depending on where you eat can be trying especially as on a Thursday I like to eat quite light as it is weigh in day tomorrow and I have been trying to undo all my bad eating habits over the weekend.  I think I did really well, we went to a lovely deli near my mums and they have a cafe in there so I chose a mushroom omelette with side salad, how good was that?

For dinner this evening I made squash soup which was what I was going to have for lunch.

On Saturday evening we did some entertaining, which we haven’t done for a while, they are very good friends of ours, my friend and I have known each other since secondary school and have been good friends from about 16 and the funny thing is that our husbands are like 2 peas in a pod, their birthdays are just 3 days apart from each other and they are the same age.  They both have the same interests in programmes and films and certain foods too.  Sometimes we might as well not be there.  We always go out for their birthdays together so that is coming up in the new year.

Anyway, as we are trying to be good (most of the time anyway) I made a sweet pepper soup, sorry non picture, then roast lamb for main and then for dessert I did a lovely fresh fruit platter with some dates and I made an apple pie and WW chocolate Angel cake.  This was a really nice cake, very very light, the only problem was I couldn’t stop eating it so I have portioned some and put it in the freezer.  The recipe uses 10 egg whites which I know is a lot but if you think about it that is what makes it nice and light and the good thing was I had a load of them in the freezer so result.

During the week I made some other lovely recipes

Miso fish with spinach rice, again that was lovely.  I found that with the miso paste that I bought from Tesco was quite thick and that is the one I have been using for a while but this time I was in Sainsbury and bought their one and it was a lot different more loose and this is the one I will stick with in future as you can easily mix with other ingredients and it bakes well.

The other night I made lamb kaftas, this recipe I used from my Nigella at the Table book as the flavours are great, but the coleslaw I used the WW recipe.

Some other recipes are pea and ham soup, I made my own but I have photographed one which I have made from the WW recipes, Fast beef chilli and the bottom picture is tomato and chilli tagliatelle with fresh asparagus and parmesan.

Last night I was going to make fish fingers in tacos but then I had a brain wave and thought fish and chips, what a great idea, but this is with a difference.  The fish is cod cut in large fingers dipped in flour then egg then panic breadcrumbs which make it lovely and crunchy and the chips are made with Squash, again dipped in egg and rolled in the panko breadcrumbs and voila this is the finished result, and you know what it was absolutely delicious my new favourite style of chips and very healthy too.  All baked.


On Sunday, we went to Westfield shopping Centre and I, unfortunately succumbed to this lovely cake, I am sorry (well actually I am not) because I was in heaven, all my favourite ingredients in one cake, marzipan, chocolate and inside was chocolate rum truffle, yummy.  If I have gained weight this week this is what I shall put it down to (hehe), well I have to blame something so might as well be this, but oh was I in heaven.


I bought these cookie cutters today, I saw them last week and thought this would be a nice idea for a change as if I make christmas cake no one really eats it so this is something I am going to bake with my daughter when she is back from Uni.


It weigh in day tomorrow, again so we shall see what the scales bring.  Last week I lost 2lb so fingers crossed.

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