Round up of the week

hi everyone

I cannot believe its the end of the weekend yet again.

We have had a very busy week, Monday we took my mum to the hospital to have her cataract done so we met our friend for a coffee until we had to go back and collect mum. Then after that we took her to her favourite deli for lunch which I was very good and had chicken noodle soup.  As you can see we had a very busy morning, sitting having a coffee and then out for lunch (hehe) its hard being retired you know.

Tuesday we had to go to the shop to see some of our tenants which takes up all the morning and of course had to go out for a coffee.

Wednesday afternoon we took Topaz our cat to the vets for another diabetic check to see how his sugars etc were getting on.

Thursday we took mum to a shopping centre which she had not been to since moving away from that area (that was coming up for 30 years!!!!) so we thought it would be nice for her as it has changed quite a bit, not much to buy but it was an outing out.  We found a lovely italian cafe called Lamborghini which made great coffee and had traditional canoli but I resisted.  In the evening we got a phone call from our vets for topaz results and the good news is that we can take him off his insulin now, brilliant.  We will have to take him back in 2 weeks just to see how its going so hopefully he will be okay and not have to start again with the injections so fingers crossed.

Friday was weigh in day with WW and I lost 2lb, really pleased with that as I have been going up and down for quite a while and now the new plan has started and I have converted to this, it has been great and all the recipes are really tasty.

To make it easier for myself I have been planning the menus for the week ahead so I know what to buy and what to cook rather than winging it every day, this way I can work out my Sps every day and monitoring it on my app.

Some of my recipes for the week have been:

Chicken curry and naan bread

This is what I used my squash for, I baked it in the oven wrapped in foil for about an hour and a half after I scooped out the seeds then made the curry and filled it, was nice, made a nice change from having rice or potatoes and then I accompanied it with ww naan bread (this is for you historian ruby as promised).  I only did half the mixture for the naan as there was only my son and myself having them so made 4 small ones which brought the sp down by 1 each.

Sticky barbecue chicken with lots of vegs and a few wedges.

My husband found about these recently which we tried so if you are vegetarian or vegan they are really tasty.  Even if you aren’t they are yummy.  For ww they worked out at 6sp each and then the roll on top which is 5sp and dry roasted potatoes and some onions, I felt we were eating a proper burger, we will definitely be getting these again they actually tasted like the real deal.  I have had some veggie burgers before which weren’t very nice but these are definitely a 10 out of 10.  Iceland sell them and they are not expensive either £2 for a pack of 2.

While I was on holiday in July I found a really lovely shop that sold all different types of teas that I like.  It was tucked away down a small street, so I bought this one which I have just started the other day as I finished my lovely apple and cinnamon that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It is made with real dried fruits and brews really well, this is my favourite fruit so had to try it, most probably buy some more when I have finished this one.  I like to try all different sorts of unusual teas especially from lovely little tea shops.  I have been having jasmine tea if I can, now that is an unusual one, it actually tastes like it smells very light and mild fragrance.

I have managed to get through the weekend without eating too much which is what I usually do and then have to make up for it during the week to try and shift the weight off again.  I am now hoping that I have crossed that mark and learnt my lesson about over indulging too much at the weekends.

Hope you enjoy these recipes from the ww cookbooks.

2 thoughts on “Round up of the week

  1. Thanks for the recipe 🙂 I’ll try and do it this week.
    I bought myself one of those single cup teapots with the cup underneath yesterday. It was from a charity shop – a brand new Kew Gardens souvenir. So I’m planning on buying some teas, I think a nice Darjeeling and I love apple tea, I was pleasantly surprised when I first tasted it. 🙂


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