Cheat char siu pork

Hi everyone

I had to go to the dentist today not my favourite place to visit, they fitted me in as unfortunately I had a tooth that was playing up not good. In a way I was hoping he would find something as when you have a problem you want it sorted. Thankfully he did, had a filling so I am now keeping my fingers crossed it has worked. I hasten to add I really don’t like fillings as the last time I had an injection my jaw locked!!!!!!

After that I sat and watched my husband have a coffee as I couldn’t have anything straight away, then we tackled the weekly shop. I had to chase my husband round the store as he kept walking off with the trolley not helpful.

Popped home for a quick bite then out again to collect my prescription sunglasses, keeping my fingers crossed they would be ok as they had to redo them, it’s taken them about 6 weeks in total to get them.

It was much warmer today than the weather people said which was great, but not too hot tonight as it can be really hard to get to sleep.

For dinner this evening I made cheat char siu pork with noodles from my new cook book

It was very tasty and easy to make, one to be made again.


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