It’s cold outside again!!!!

hi everyone

I don’t know about you but it is very very cold outside they say that we are going to be hit by the ‘Beast’ of weather.  It was very strange today, one minute sunshine, the next minute snow, the next minute sunshine and so on and so on, really weird.

Normally on a Monday I try and stay at home and get everything upto date that I need to but today my mum was having a cataract removed from her left eye, so I took her to the day surgery at lunch time and then she was done by 4pm which was great.  I think because she didn’t know what to expect she was getting herself all worked up so I chatted about everything and anything to keep her occupied,  but when it was over she was okay.   She thought she was going to see him working on her eye but said that he told her to look at the bright light so she couldn’t see anything and he was chatting all the time which I thought was really nice to make her feel at ease.  When I went back I was expecting her to look like a pirate with a patch over her eye, but instead it was a clear moulded plastic with some air holes in it stuck on her face with some special tape, it’s amazing how things have moved on.

I feel exhausted now with all the running around I have done today, managed to get supper ready to, what an amazing mum/housewife I am.  They are so lucky to have me do all that and get a meal for them, I made goujons with wraps, peppers and corn cobs easy to do and yummy to eat.  Now I am going to phone my friend as we are trying to sort out a trip to Vienna in May and think we have found the perfect hotel to stay right in the middle of everything, but that is something for another day.

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