What’s happening with my computer!!!!!

hi everyone

Don’t know what is going on with my computer but the bloody thing is on a really go slow, so I hope I can get this blog up before it stops completely………….

A follow on from my white gloves from yesterday, it was very strange going to bed with gloves on but I must admit as it is cold at night my hands were lovely and warm, it hasn’t helped too much but seeing as it is only the once I have worn them I need to persevere.  So loads of hand cream on tonight, nice.

And the fiasco with my dishwasher, over the last few days the stupid thing has stopped working when it gets to the drying stage, now this morning the bloody thing decided to work!!!!!!!!!! which I won’t complain is a good thing, one thing tho I am not cancelling my callout until I have done a couple more washes so fingers crossed.

My daughter and I did some more baking, tried lemon and poppyseed flavour, nice taste just need to get the consistency right, I may try my mums family biscuit recipe next.  One thing I did make which I got from Sweet and Spicy Living


Well this is a lovely rich cake with loads of peanut butter, so seeing as my husbands middle name is ‘peanut butter’ this suited him down to the ground and as it was very rich even he couldn’t eat all of it, but well worth the go so nip on over to Sweet and Spicy Living to  try it.

Not much been going on so I thought I would put a couple of picture of my cats, I used to send these to my daughter when she was at Uni and call them ‘Spot the Cat’ a bit of fun, she thought I was mad.

Now I have come to the end the computer has decided to work at a good speed now!!!! typical.



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