Its trial baking day today

Hello fellow bloggers

Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping warm, its blooming freezing out today such a bitter wind out there,  was glad to get home and snuggle under the fur throw.

After popping into our local town centre to do a few errands this morning we went for a cup of tea to warm up, I went in with my son as he needed petrol so at least I didn’t have to defrost my car, he pressed the button for his ‘noisy’ exhaust so the whole of the town must of heard him coming a mile off!! I just hid down in my seat (lol) just in case anyone recognised us.

In the afternoon the kids deserted me, my daughter went off to meet a friend who got dumped on Valentines Day!!!! not very nice.  Her boyfriend (my daughters) and my son went off to see the new film ‘Black Panther’ as she didn’t want to see it so a bit of piece and quiet had by me, yay.

I got on with doing some baking, I made this lovely Weight Watchers Banana Bread which worked out at only 1.5sp each slice, brilliant, and I baked it for 15 mins extra than it said as I felt it needed it.   The recipe said with honey but I changed that to Agave which is better as my husband is diabetic, really yummy and I would highly recommend it and will definitely be making it again.

My daughter has thought of another pastime for me, bake cookies!!!! where am I going to find the time, really?.  So we tried some today not so sure as I made some salted caramel sauce which, I have to say tasted really nice as I had to keep checking it was okay and to get the taste just right, cooks perogative.  We have to taste the goods before completing the task, I think I left enough for the cookies.  Need a bit of refining though but that is the fun of trying new things and having to eat them after.  Sorry no pictures of the cookies yet (not all been eaten) just not good enough yet.

As my hands have got worse today, I remembered a long time ago being bought a set of hand care products with some cotton gloves which I now don’t have, so sent my daughter of to the local Boots to get some.


I feel like a silver service waitress with these (haha), so going to smother my hands in cream and wear these in bed, thats going to be weird but hopefully it will work, I was kindly recommended by Historian Ruby the neutrogina range so may get some during the week, I will try anything as I thought after leaving my job as a Caregiver  I wouldn’t be washing my hands so much and getting dry hands, but I think I am doing that more now being at home seeing to the cats and cleaning all the time.  Oh well never mind.  I will grin and bear it, I think being extra cold too doesn’t help matters hope it starts warming up soon.



3 thoughts on “Its trial baking day today

  1. Yummy. That looks absolutely brilliant. I love banana bread, and as you know I have been looking for WW diet friendly baking recipes. I love baking, and I’ll happily bake for my family, but it would be nice if the baked goods could also be eaten by me. This looks as if my family would also like it… Saved and thanks.

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